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Perhaps you have inherited jewellery that just sits in a draw and is not your style or taste or you have old gold that's broken or no longer fashionable or trendy. It's time to redesign and create a stunning new piece that you can't wait to show off to all your friends.

Remodelling Memories of the Past ...That's Amore

With over 30 years' experience the Amore design team love to remodel & create that perfect bespoke piece of jewellery. What could be more exciting than commissioning and creating your own piece of jewellery from memories of the past and producing a beautiful design finished to the highest standard? Amore specialises in modernising your Engagement and Wedding rings or any piece of jewellery by simply remounting your gems into a contemporary new setting using your precious metal with all its memories.

The amore design team have a passion for Handmade Jewellery and dedicated personalised service culminating in the design and creation of that perfect piece of jewellery for less than you might think. Work with our design team and turn your ideas and inspirations into that perfect piece of jewellery that you desire. We design engagement, dress and cocktail rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. So when we have designed and created the perfect piece and we have your approval we simply manufacture the jewellery. The process can take between 4-6 weeks. It's a simple as that.

To arrange an appointment to discuss a remodelling: Call 0345 450 3966 or Email or Contact Us